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I am a very sweet and kind person, I love to make new friends and I am a very likeable. I was born in Wexford Ireland June 10 1976 I am married with one child a daughter named Maura who I love to dealth. I am looking forward to making new friends :)


Mmm Daniel Day Lewis


Irish, old men are just lovely really


Why Irish guys are better...


For all the girls who went in Ireland and couldn’t stop looking back at guys in the streets

For all the girls who think the man of her life is somewhere in Ireland and certainly not in France
For all the girls who think french guys are creepy

Because, like everybody knows, them accent is officially the most sexiest in the world!!!!

Because sex with an Irish is never disappointing ;) and return to French man is… NO WAY!!!”

Found this group on facebook… Let’s just say it truly shows how many french girls aren’t at all into french men !! I’m glad i’m not alone ! lol

oh and by irish guy of course i only thought about 

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I like my coffee like I like my men: Irish.Via someecards
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Now that’s my type of partyy ;)
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John Atkinson Grimshaw: In Peril (The Harbour Flare)
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John Atkinson Grimshaw: Nightfall Down the Thames
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Lucky bitch lol